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Our systems are being used in sports, human resource departments, universities, schools, kindergarten, for meditation and self empowerment ( like Deepak Chopra ), general education and training, in therapy support (hypno-therapy, NLP, cognitive-behavioral therapy and many others),  research, hotels & SPA centers, civil and military pilot training, and many more – see the  references like from:

Combining the ancient wisdom with the modern science, technology and art as a way to help our customers to deal with the stress symptoms, learning difficulties, and helping them to find the real values in life – this is the main philosophy on our sites expressed in two complementary approaches,  audio-visual-stimulation and biofeedback, expanded into state of the art Multi-Sensory-Enhancement System”MuSES“:

AVS or Mind Machines


Multi Sensory Educational/Enhancement System

  • the Power of AVS, Micro-Vibes and Biofeedback together
  • explore further in MuSES

In our shop you will find products categories related to AVS and Biofeedback.

We live in very “fast” times. Often there is no time left for our children, proper recreation and regeneration.
We did not have time to adapt as species to the changes we have created ourselves. That’s why we are going “insane” as the civilization and as individuals.


Time is money is a general credo.

Whereby “Money is time” is a general illusion driving more and more into the consumption patterns of the “western culture” and into personal and global burnout.

On other extreme we have like “Mora Mora” in many parts of Madagascar, where time flows so slow…too slow for most of us. But the locals do not want to become “robots” and stick to the old way of life, very slowly accepting the progress.



And there is another approach to time coming from Asian cultures: “To switch the time flow ON and OFF” – from “hayai” to “ritsumei”  –  from “fast” to “peace of mind” in a deep meditation.

We can learn from every culture on this small planet and select the best strategies for keeping our mind and body healthy: to be able to slow down and be still, to recover from stress, to be able to activate and be fast, to switch on and off and also to let the time flow and … be focused.

Our AVS products can help you reach a desired state of mind. Just by pressing a play button on your mp3 player…read more in Testimonials.

Our Biofeedback products are training systems – they create a virtual learning environment to discover your full potential, to start fully enjoying your life and relationships, and  mainly to learn how to change yourself to become a “master” instead of being a “slave” of your basic programming in your brain. Please read more in The Theory of Psychointeractivity.