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Andrzej Andamon Slawinski

Andamon is co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems and a multimedia producer specialized in psychointeractive systems for sports, HR and education. His background is theater, music, psychology, biophysics (worked for Prof. Fritz Albert Popp in biophoton research) and mathematics.

Andamon is the inventor of AudioStrobe technology and co-founder of VERIM (Virtual,- Energy,- Resourses,- and Intelligence Management), producing over 100 AVS (audio-visual-stimulation) programs including productions for Deepak Chopra.  Besides seminars and workshops he also works on theater and multimedia performances.

In 2006 he was granted an European patent for group psychointeractivity and has applied for another patent in biofeedback based multi sensory stimulation MuSES (Multi-Sensory-Enhacement-System). Andamon runs Tamas Lab. studios in Poland and is a shareholder of Audiostrobe Ltd in UK.

“I have dedicated my work to human development, using wisdom of old traditions, science & multimedia to create state of the art technology.”



Narthel (Łukasz Świst)

Narthel has worked in the personal development and coaching field for over 10 years and is co-founder of AudioStrobe in the UK. He is  a certified VERIM trainer and for the last few years  he has been involved in the MuSES project as well.

His academic background is in music therapy and biofeedback.

With his wife, Eva Piłat, he is running  Evana  Studio in Warsaw, where they are working together with children coping with learning disabilities and autism.

“I met Andamon and his future wife Nicole in a VERIM Trainer seminar in 2008. Since then we are working together and our families became best friends – exchanging not only ideas and experience but kids’ clothing and equipment as well.

My vision are vibrations helping to enhance human abilities. and to heal the disabilities. For me music, light and biofeedback are entangled – it is all about oscillations – as sound, vibration, electromagnetic and gravitational waves, cities and neural networks.

I believe that we are in the beginnings of understanding that  vibrations are the key to harmonious coexistence. I am very glad to be able to work with Andamon on MuSES and other AudioStrobe projects in which I can integrate my experience in neuro-therapy.”


Graham Stuart

Graham Stuart

Graham has worked in the personal development and coaching field for almost 30 years and is the founder of Imperative Solutions in the UK. Graham is the creator of the Accelerated Meta change-ology© blueprint and utilises his NLP and clinical hypnotherapy background to develop guided processes, which address everyday personal challenges that are face by many people.

“Over the past three years Andamon and I have developed a good friendship and share a common goal in getting value added products out to the wider marketplace. It made perfect sense that we should form a structured approach to maximise the opportunity – so that we can serve and help more people.
There are many good personal development products on the market but we want to give people a “how to” process – so that they can make the “shift” . By combining AudioStrobe technology with Accelerated Meta Change-ology© and specific guided hypnosis/meditations we are now creating powerful modern self-help solutions to facilitate profound positive changes in their life” – Graham

Graham is a long-time student of the Law of attraction and also a certified Law of Attraction Coach and Hypnotherapist.