AudioStrobe Newsletter 20 October 2016


What’s new in short:

There are two extraordinary AudioStrobe programs in this album:

  1. “Prime Canyon 3697 Part 1: Delta Activation”  –  22 min 41 sec
  2.  “Prime Canyon 3697 Part 2: Deep Theta Creativity”  – 47 min 42 sec

You can find samples and more detailed information on “Prime Canyon 3697” here.

In own words from Andamon: "I was playing around with prime numbers as they are ideal for generating unique sound sequences, since they have no other divisors as themselves and 1. The result was amazing.
I have listen to these music patterns which touched deeper layers of my being. Something you can not describe with words anymore - flying over landscapes, canyons into endless space, universe or even multiverse and at the same time a feeling of unity, more


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Price changes:

We have lowered pricing for VERIM products to the end of this year.

A new VERIM Network Coordinator Set VERIM 03 VNC has been added to the product line in order to meet the demands of our customers working in small groups/pairs.

Because of the “Brexit” scenario and GBP devaluation we had to adjust prices of other products.

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