AudioStrobe Newsletter 29th October 2016


What’s new in short:

Graham Stuart

We are pleased to announce that Graham Stuart has now joined the AudioStrobe team as a shareholder and will be working closely with Andrzej Andamon Slawinski to develop a range of personal development and purposefully created Accelerated Meta Change-ology© (AMC) guided hypnosis/meditation audio recordings.

This opens up an exciting opportunity for both AudioStrobe and our valued customers because the AMC guided audio recordings are purposefully created to focus on specific situations and to help bring about positive changes in your life.
We have now released three new powerful AudioStrobe – Accelerated Meta Change-ology© guided hypnosis audio recordings, which you can find in the AudioStrobe shop:

Graham has worked in the personal development and coaching field for almost 30 years and is the founder of Imperative Solutions in the UK. Graham is the creator of the Accelerated Meta change-ology© blueprint and utilises his NLP and clinical hypnotherapy background to develop guided processes, which address everyday personal challenges that are face by many people.

“Over the past three years Andrzej (Andamon) and I have developed a good friendship and share a common goal in getting value added products out to the wider marketplace. It made perfect sense that we should form a structured approach to maximise the opportunity - so that we can serve and help more people. 
There are many good personal development products on the market but we want to give people a “how to” process – so that they can make the “shift” . By combining AudioStrobe technology with Accelerated Meta Change-ology© and specific guided hypnosis/meditations we are now creating powerful modern self-help solutions to facilitate profound positive changes in their life” - Graham

Graham is a long-time student of the Law of attraction and also a certified Law of Attraction Coach and Hypnotherapist.

These programs are available as a bundle:


In the next newsletters we are planning to write more about each of the AudioStrobe AMC Programs.


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