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Graham Stuart

Graham Stuart

In today’s newsletter I am pleased to introduce you to our third  Accelerated Meta Change-ology© (AMC) guided hypnosis/meditation AudioStrobe program:

Are you using the Law Of Attraction positively….to bring you more of what you DO want in life?

Imagine for a moment that you have in your possession a source of complete and total power to determine the course of your own life success and happiness?
What if you could achieve your desires and goals by harnessing the Law of Attraction ….just by using the power of your own mind?

“Thoughts become things….so use the Law Of Attraction to focus on the right ones”

Every person holds in their mind the power to shape the events of their own life to achieve whatever desires and end results they see fit. This power is what is known as the Law of Attraction….or the law of vibration as it’s referred to in quantum physics. In other words “like attracts like”.

You may have already read the book or seen the hit movie “The Secret” and there is lots of information about The Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction on the Internet. If so, you will have a good understanding that the Law of Attraction is working for you ALL OF THE TIME, whether positively or negatively.
The secret is to learn how to use the Law of Attraction in a positive way to bring about “less of what you DON’T want….and more of what you DO want”.

When you know how to utilize the Law of attraction to your advantage through the power of your mind – you can attract everything you need, according to the nature of your thoughts and you subconscious mind plays a big part in this.

Imagine the benefits of our powerful Law of Attraction guided hypnosis MP3

The Accelerated Meta Change-ology© Law of attraction guided hypnosis MP3 utilizes the power of your subconscious mind to bring about major positive you only dreamed of:

This specially created Law of Attraction guided hypnosis MP3, which has guided voice narrative, binaural beats, brain stimulating frequencies and AudioStrobe light sound synchronization technology.

We are committed to personal development and provide you with the tools to move to the next level – if you wish to.

Most people have a picture or can imagine what their perfect life would be….and when you think about this it begins to create different feelings inside (try it). How amazing would it be if you could actually make this a reality?

It’s good to know that you now have the tools and the ability to use the Law of Attraction for positive changes, success, love, wealth, career, job, happiness and the fulfillment you desire in your life.
Simply go ahead and now and download….

Law of Attraction guided hypnosis MP3

….from the AudioStrobe shop and take the next small step in creating the kind of life you deserve.

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Mind Enhancement Systems Limited (MES)
was founded to help
those people who want to change their circumstances and make a shift
– from where they are – to where they want to be.

Jevon Dangeli

We are proud to officially start our new project with Jevon Dangeli at Mind Enhancement Systems.

Jevon is co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems, the author of 5 books and has recorded over 30 audio-programmes that include NLP plus other personal development and performance enhancing methodologies.

Jevon is an experienced and accredited international Trainer and Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnotherapy. He has spent more than 20 years studying human development from various perspectives, as well as a wide range of mind-body healing methodologies. This exploration included a Masters (MSc) degree in ‘Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology’, which involved considerable research into how a mindfulness based technique (used in several of the MES recordings) helps to reduce stress and prevent burnout while enhancing one’s performance.

“One of my greatest pleasures is my current occupation, as it allows me to fulfil my vision, purpose and passion in life, which is helping people become Authentically Self Empowered”.


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