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In today’s newsletter I am pleased to introduce you to the next album based on prime numbers: “Prime Space”.

There are two “extraordinary experience” AudioStrobe programs in this album:

  1. “Prime Space – The  Opening” 
  2. “Prime Space – Singularity”
“The Opening” is like a dive into a primeval space-time, when the structures of the Universe began to unfold.
Diving even deeper to our Origins we meet the “Singularity”.

Very powerful programs for Inner Transformations.

As with all our albums you do not need AudioStrobe decoder to enjoy this as well.

 Prime Space by Tamas Lab.

Track 1 “Prime Space – The  Opening” 33 min 14 sec

This program is for Inner Transformation, which is a very crucial aspect of Personal Development. Inner Transformation maybe something  very subtle, even not noticeable.  It can be also a very powerful experience.

It is nothing mystical –  it has to do with expanding your ability to experience, perceive yourself and the world around you. It happens when you let something go, when you have an “Aha” or deep insight moment, when your mind and body has accomplished an inner process which is noticed as a change.
“Prime Space – The  Opening” is like a preparation for this process, or even the process itself. Nobody can change you but you yourself…

Track 2 “Prime Space – Singularity” 33 min 22 sec

The second track, which can be played directly after the first one is trying to help you to reach a singularity point in your perception: no time and space defined – everything possible is possible.  Some would call it “Enlightenment”, some just “waking up” from a grand simulation.

Try it yourself. The prime numbers have something basic in themselves – their uniqueness and mystery!

This is a second production after “Prime Canyon 3697” based on prime numbers’ distribution and relationships.

Click here to read more about “Prime Space”.


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