AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-02-03


Invitation to AudioStrobe Prize Draw on 3rd April 2017

We are interested in your stories about AudioStrobe so we decided to ask you to spend a few minutes or more for us. Your experience is very valuable for us and other AudioStrobe users.

We have already thousands of short stories from exhibitions. Some of them you can read in the Testimonials. And we will appreciate new ones and more detailed!

On 3rd April 2017 we will setup an AudioStrobe  prize draw, which will be documented on a video.

The winner will receive a price in value of £ 477.00 (shipping and VAT included) consisting of

Each entry  will be gratified with £5.00 gift coupon.

What do you have to do to take part in the prize daw?

Prepare your story as suggested below. It will be easier to copy it in the Step 4.

Go to the Free AudioStrobe Prize Draw Registration Coupon and follow  5 simple steps (clicks):

STEP 1: Add to the cart this "Free AudioStrobe Prize Draw Registration Coupon".
 Select "View Cart" or the cart icon:

 Proceed to checkout:

STEP 4 the most important one:
 Fill out the necessary fields.

In the message Additional Information (Order Notes), as in example below, send us your story of how the AudioStrobe programs have influenced your life.
 It maybe a personal experience during a session or anything from your life, where you have a feeling the AudioStrobe technology was a helping tool.


 The last thing to do is to place the order for your registration coupon:

Now you are registered with your story in the prize draw and you can wait for the finale on 3rd April.

You will receive by email a registration gift coupon for £ 5.00 with its code:

This is your registration code for the prize draw.
You can use also use this one time code for any product in our shop now or in the future.

We are looking forward to read your story.

If you want to send us more complex story with photos/videos etc. please  contact us writing down in the “subject” the coupon code as reference.

We wish you a lot of luck!

General terms:

  • All family members, distributors and affiliates are excluded from the prize draw.
  • You can  apply several times for the prize draw with a different story.
  • The £ 5.00 coupons are not cumulative in one order.
  • Each entry will be examined. Not relevant, empty or spam stories will be discarded, gift coupon or orders cancelled and will not take part in the prize draw.
  • In order to avoid spamming and misuse only 25 entries will be admitted each day.
  • We will publish the winners name, the city and country only.
  • We will inform the winner by email or other means.
  • Best stories will be published on our sites.

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