AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-03-17


First of all I want to thank all of you who have downloaded  “TRANSCRIPTION” and thank you so much for the  positive feedback.

Now I am even more motivated to continue with the project.

The studio is operating most of the time, and for longer recording sequences I go outside to play with the kids and clean the garden.

It looks like the next album will be ready soon and be called “Prime Space Mantra”.
More in the next newsletter, so is the plan.

Today there are two new topics:

The  first one is a short reminder:

There are already some entries for the 3rd April Prize Draw.
More on this in the newsletter from 3rd February 2017.
Don’t miss your chance and sign in with your story!

The winner will receive a price in value of £ 477.00 (shipping and VAT included) consisting of



The second topic is more about our research on psychointeractivity:

Tomorrow in the Krokowa castle there will be public premiere with psychointeractive music and art. Two musicians will be “played” and and will “play to” – inner arousal of a person, we call “the monitor”.

Last week we had the first tests and I was able to experience several musicians improvising to my “inner state”.

We were using VERIM Lab. for monitoring of  GSR.

It was a profound experience and I will never forget it.

Music being played to what is happening in me inside. Very strange feeling of opening and releasing, letting go.
And some moments were almost ecstatic!

So if you are in Poland, Pomorskie, you are welcome or if you have  have friends there, please let them know, if you think it could be interesting for them:

A cut from the probes at Tamas Lab. studios.

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