AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-04-10

The winner of the 3rd/4th April AudioStrobe Prize Draw is … here!

We did not have so many entries as we thought but the ones that came in were very convincing. One of them has moved our hearts:

My Audio Strobe,
I have used my machine to relax for my eye surgery. My retina has a hole in it. I must have surgery to repair this damage. My nerves are shot, so I used the machine to relax me. Dawn Matson

There were several “empty” entries and one empty gift coupon was used for a purchase.

We have decided to make a special, unannounced prize for all valid entries: a 25.00 £ Gift Coupon for all MP3s.

We will share some of the entries in the following newsletters.


Today’s main topic is brand new album “Prime Space Mantra“.

Last week was quite an experience. Suddenly my studio stopped working.
It took me 3 hours to identify the problem. There were more than 100 possibilities.

So which one could it be?

I started with the software check. No. Rest, go to sleep.

Next day a connections test. Another hour. No. Stop, go and play with the kids.

On the third day I started removing and inserting back the plugin cards in the mixer and main PC. Another hour. It worked.

There were some other problems with the tracks which had to be resolved first.
So till yesterday evening I did not know if the production will pass my final test or not.
As I went with the Mind-Enhancer, mp3 player and headphones into the “aquarium” (our recording room, extra quiet) and made myself comfortable on the MuSES I told myself not be disappointed if I would hear a technical glitch (because of the studio problem) and will continue to experience the session. It worked.

This almost one hour session and the intensive “preparation” was one of my best experiences I ever had.

So three days later I  present to you a brand new recording “Prime Space Mantra“.

A deep one. These are my and few others experiences. There is just only one program, 54 minutes.

I have added instructions to the mp 3 how to use it effectively for your personal development.

I hope this will help you grow as well. For me it had to do with Patience.
Please read more on “Prime Space Mantra“…


You can get the “Prime Space Mantra” in a bundle together with other 3 in the “prime” series:



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