AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-05-02

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VERIM – Science for Development of Empathy and Compassion.

 7 years ago I wrote my personal thoughts about coming back to my Polish origins as an emigrant.

These were times of great changes and full of hope in Poland.
The country had joined the EU was thought to be a potential, new powerhouse in Europe.

The last election had changed everything. The “Law & Justice Party” (PiS) promised to the Polish electorate “A Good Change”, which became a nightmare for the country.

Having just a simple majority in the Parliament  they first targeted the highest Polish institution, the Constitutional Tribunal. This way just with a simple majority in the Polish Parlament PiS was able to change the law to their own desire. Illegal, of course.
Then PiS targeted the media, taking over all public ones and cutting advertising budget for opposing private media. Now the judges.

The Polish Catholic Church works hand in hand with PiS.
When the official school program plans has more religion lessons (of course Catholic) than the science and history, then I call such a land “Catholistan”.

So where is the christian compassion?

Poland is one of the EU countries with the lowest number of immigrants.
For a christian country it is just a shame full of …fear.

Recently  I have watched a TED event with Pope Francis, which has moved my heart. A fascinating speech which should be heard by the Polish Catholic Church.

What has moved my heart is not just being myself an ex-refuge and immigrant but his approach and attitude to other Beings.

This is the first Pope I think is a fellow human, which points a finger to you, as the one responsible for own life and around us. Everyone of us curries this divine (or just ethical) responsibility. This Pope has impressed me as an awaken consciousness which probably had experiences beyond time, space and religion.

Two years ago I was drinking wine with my ZEN Master. As it got quite late he confessed to me that he rejected Ratzinger’s inquiry to attend one of his courses in ZEN. He was angry at Pope Benedict XVI for his arrogant behavior towards other ZEN masters, working in the Catholic Church in Germany.

My ZEN Master asked me what I would have done on his place. I expressed my opinion saying “I would admit him, maybe this would be the day on which a Pope would become a simple Human”.



-Connecting to Yourself and Others-

now more information and support on

Currently I am working on a VERIM version for two players which will be presented publicly in Krakow in 10 days. The most focused, concentrated wins.

As next I want to develop a version for “Empathy” training for two players on one computer.
There is a lot of experience from VERIM network module “Follow me”, which I want to implement.

I will ask my ZEN Master if he has still some connections to the Vatican. This new VERIM version could be something for training compassion as well.

So much for today. I hope very much that when everyone takes the responsibility for own actions we will be in a better place in this part of “Creation”,  “Reality”, planet Earth or “Simulation” as some even call it. Then I will not have to migrate again from “Catholistan”…

BTW Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Polish Constitution of May 3, 1791, a national holiday day.

25% off!

Our special offers for the next  2 weeks are:



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