AudioStrobe Newsletter 2017-08-04

Thank you for your positive response to “Continuity“.

Very much encouraged I have added an extra track “Continuity B – Energize“.

You can download it as a separate track as well.
Of course, all who bought previous release of “Continuity” will receive this additional track for free.

“Energized” by the last track, cooled by summer temperatures, which are rather low here, I have begun to work on a new album, which I will call “Ubiquity”.
The inspiration came from a forgotten book in my collection, written by Mark Buchanan.

I started to read it in 2004 and then gave it up and I do not remember why. Perhaps I was engaged with other projects in Switzerland.

In his book, Mark Buchanan explains “the science of history…or why the world is simpler than we think.” And again, it touches the “fractal dimensions”.

I am almost through with reading the book and I hope to have the album finished soon as well.

I have just a strange premonition of what the album will be, as strange “synchronicity” experiences pop up around me. More in the next newsletter on “Ubiquity”.



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