Energy Room

What is the inner ENERGY?

What we mean here as energy is the mind’s ability to work properly, and not only the physical energy – the one which you can measure in calories.
We can learn to use this energy of the brain very effectively and not to waste it in unnecessary stress. When we become aware of how the connection of thoughts, emotions to our stress level work together we can also learn to regulate this fine network and tune it to our specific goals like learning, relaxation or even activation.

In our turbulent times it is more and more of advantage to be skillful in “stress-energy management”. Why dissipate much of our mind’s energy instead of using it in a constructive way? In this sense focus means the centering, concentration of the mental energy and relaxation is an open state enabling minimum “power consumption” and self-regeneration.

VERIM is a very powerful tool, based on years of experience in seminars and coaching. It combines the objectivity of the measurement and virtual training environment. It consists not only of passive training, in some modules you have to be very active as well – in your mind and body.
In a modern way we use computer based virtual environment for learning, but please do not forget who is learning about whom? In this meaning the learning effect is very, very real and this experience and knowledge you can use in everyday situations.

Sometimes learning with VERIM can be very hard and direct. It simply will be objective. But still it is better to learn what really is, free yourself of self made illusions. Maybe you believe you can relax very well and it may be on the contrary…or you find out you have problems to activate yourself? With the help of VERIM you will find out about your own responses in specific situations and then you will have the choice to use the old patterns or try new strategies.

GSR (or skin resistance, electrodermal activity etc.) is a very good, if not the best, psycho-physiological parameter representing your inner arousal at a very deep level (activation of the autonomic nervous system: sympathetic nervous system). Read more on GSR...

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In the Energy Room you can work on the following key issues of energy (stress) management:


Self regulation:

  • Relaxation – we define it as the ability to reduce your stress level measured directly by GSR (skin resistance).
  • Activation – as a stress level which can be induced by fear, frustration, aggression, shame, or feeling of joy.


Focus – the ability to concentrate, without the necessity to activate yourself too much. You just use the necessary energy and nothing more as you can focus yourself on the specific task.

When you are not well focused your mind is wondering around and spending energy on things which are of no concern in this moment. It is wasting the energy. The focus and relaxation are correlated very strongly.


Flexibility – the ability to chose proper strategies for specific tasks and situations.

First you have to recognize your patterns and then be able to dissolve them using other possible ways of reacting.


The Flow – is a an optimal state of the mind for a specific task.
Often it is the ability to stay in focus although the situation activates you very much.

This is the state you know you are creative, give a good presentation, give the best dance performance or solve equations – just your mind and body are perfectly working together and you are focused on the task,  the things flow without unnecessary effort and you are “here & now”.

You  cannot force yourself into relaxation. That is why we do not use the terms like “Mind Control”, we more talk of psychointeractivity, mind-tuning or self-regulation.

Tuning and regulation require that you first know where you are and then find a way to open yourself to the desired “change”.

In order to do this you need to focus yourself, otherwise you are doing something other but not opening yourself to the state you want be in.

The Flow is not a mystic state, but a real psycho-physiological one, where you are very focused, creative, productive but still on an optimal relaxation/activation level.

You can compare the situation with VERIM® and biofeedback in general as trying to learn a child to use the steering wheel. The child has to find out itself what movements it has to do so that it can turn its bobby car to the  left or to the right.  The same with your mind – it has to learn how to reach a specific state, and VERIM®  is just your learning environment. It objectively shows you which direction you take and sometimes will provoke you for a learning experience… But you learn yourself and decide yourself  how and where your mind is driving.


Fast activation and  slow relaxation

For many of us it is much more difficult to activate ourselves than to relax.

As relaxation is so important for regeneration or learning the more activation is important for our survival.

Without the activation we would not survive as a species. Observe how fast a reptile is changing from relaxation into flight or fight? This same process is encoded into our brain structure as well.

Multiple activation and resulting high energy level

Today we are exposed to so many external events, the stressors, that we have no much time left to come to peace and relax.

We tend to stay at a higher activation level and it works well… for some time.

If we do not break this habit we will be faced with burn out syndromes sooner or later.
To prevent a burn out we will have to learn to slow down and at the same time increase our quality of life.


Here you can see what is possible:

A GSR measurement of a Thai business women, Mrs. Daeng Oraphan in a VERIM seminar in Thailand.

In the first seminar in February 2009 she made 459% GSR change with open eyes and 629% with closed eys.



Making even more progress with VERIM:

For comparison, a good result is already when you can relax 100%.

Two month later, after working with VERIM she achieved in the next seminar word breaking record of  821.9%!

At that time she was already practicing meditation for 10 years.

Energy Room Modules



On a swing board there is ball representing your inner focus. Your goal is to keep the ball in the center, staying focused for a selected period of time. If you change your activation to rapidly, a single thought is enough, the ball may roll down. If it rolls off the board you have failed, if not you have achieved your goal and you may increase the difficulty setting…
This tool is ideal for:

  • Focus – to practice concentration
  • The Development of the sensitivity for internal changes at the psycho physiological level
  • To learn the self regulation (Mind tuning)
  • To investigate connections between state of excitement, emotions and thoughts
  • The application as a monitoring of the concentration with the meditation, even purely acoustically applicable


Steer your ball through a labyrinth. Should you bump into obstacles and you get stuck, you can escape again and continue the trip by a suitable activation or relaxation.

This tool is ideal for:

  • To practice Flexibility at the psychophysiological, emotional  and cognitive level
  • The development of the sensitivity for internal changes at the psycho physiological level
  • To investigate connections between state of excitement, emotions and thoughts
  • To learn the self regulation (Mind tuning)


Bubbling bubbles circle around a centre.
Try to bring all bubbles in the centre and to stay with them there for ten seconds.
If you manage this, you will automatically jump to the next level. There you try to bring the bubbles in the centre again and to hold them there for 10 seconds.
You can go in this way by seven levels.
This tool is ideal for:

  • To practice relaxation / concentration
  • To investigate connections between state of excitement, emotions and thoughts
  • To learn the self regulation (Mind tuning)
  • The development of the sensitivity for internal changes


You sit in a roller coaster and you have the possibility to drive with high speeds and drop to huge depths to drive yourself then for a short time on your head standing and then again you drive up to vertiginous heights. You steer the speed alone through your relaxation state or excitement state.

This is an ideal tool for:

  • To develop “The Flow”
  • To practice relaxation / concentration / activation
  • To learn the selfregulation (Mind tuning)
  • The development of the sensitivity for internal changes at the psycho physiological level
  • To explore connections between state of excitement, emotions and thoughts


You glide with the lift in a tower upwards or downwards.
Fix for yourself first the floor which you would like to reach, and determine how much time you want to give to get there. Try to reach the chosen floor in the given time. You steer the lift through change of your relaxation state or state of excitement.
This module is ideal for:

  • To practice targeting a specific arousal level
  • To learn the self regulation (Mind tuning)
  • The development of the sensitivity for internal changes at the psycho physiological level
  • To investigate connections between state of excitement, emotions and thoughts

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