Intelligence Room

What is Intelligence on psychophysiological level?

The “Intelligence Room“ creates a virtual space for learning
the self-verification and self-enhancement.

The GSR is an easy, but very direct, indicator of the stress level and it shows us our basic arousal patterns and of other animals. You can not develop emotional intelligence without integrating this foundations of our “old brain’s programs”.
Even a single thought or an emotion can cause a rapid change of the skin resistance. Read more here on Fight-or-flight response.

A single thought or an emotion can cause a change of the skin resistance.
In this training “Room”  your abilities in the self-verification are mostly coached by means of a plot. You will quickly learn to be aware of your own psychophysiological states.

You will also be able to understand better the connections between the thoughts, to the emotions and the internal psychophysiology of the people around you. Thereby you become “more intelligent” also at the emotional level. You will thereby become “more sensitive” for yourself and more emphatic for the people around you. Using this knowledge you can make new decisions, because the internal processes become clearer for you. You may be surprised to find out how few people do act “logically”, and how many react “emotionally”. The logic is very often used as a post explanation of an emotional act.

If you have taken the step to the introspection, your vision about yourself will change. Your self-esteem will gain strength. Too often we act as „emotional robots“ of being incapable to make our own, responsible decisions. If you, however have experienced these internal  processes and you have integrated them into your life, you will also feel no desire to fall back into the old behavior patterns.

You will simply attain new emotional freedom, “be enhanced”,  with a new responsibility for yourself and others.

GSR (or skin resistance, electrodermal activity etc.) is a very good, if not the best, psycho-physiological parameter representing your inner arousal at a very deep level (activation of the autonomic nervous system: sympathetic nervous system). Read more on GSR...

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On which learning goals you will focus in the modules in the Intelligence Room?

Intelligence on the psychophysiological level – helping you:

  • To be better in self-verification
  • In self-enhancement
  • Increase your emphatic abilities
  • Having less stress and more pleasure in life
  • Having better relations with others

„Mind Tuning“ or Self-regulation – mastering it will help you:

  • To recognize own internal “programming”
  • To investigate own emotions and to verify your psychophysiological reactions.
  • To react to external stress factors not by rigid reaction patterns but to be able to act consciously in a self defined way – not to react, but to act –
  • Achieve deep relaxation and high focus

Intelligence Room Modules

With this module you are able to draw your GSR curve and play a sound changing to your GSR.


Here the changes of your skin resistance are recorded as a curve and are returned as a sound. According to your physiological reaction the sounds change in this module. Try to move consciously between the sounds or to stay with some sounds for a self-determined time. This is a very open tool, with (almost) no limits to recording time and possible application.

With this module you are able:

  • To make a long time recording of the GSR
  • To do GSR monitoring
  • To sett markers during the session (as in every VERIM module using the F1 to F12 keys which are key coded on the plot)
  • to train with eyes closed (sound feedback)
  • to show how sensitive the GSR is to your thoughts and feelings

With this module you are able to draw your subjective GSR plot, and to compare this plot after the meeting to the really measured curve.


In this module you can draw with the mouse the plot of your skin resistance in the way you feel it and then you can compare this subjective curve to the objectively measured curve.

The program will evaluate the correlation as well.

This module is ideal for:

Development of sensitivity for internal changes at the psycho- physiological level
To investigate connections between state of excitement, emotions and thoughts

With this module you are able to learn to recognise your measured GSR curve, and to make a distinction from the simulated curve.


In this module two measuring curves are shown to you at the same time.

Develop strategies to find out which curve is yours.

This is an ideal tool for:

  • To learn faster your self-assessment (GSR)
  • The development of a sensitivity for internal changes at the psycho physiological level
  • To investigate connections between state of excitement, emotions and thoughts

Read more in “The Theory of Psychointeractivity” and on