AVS – “Mind Machines”

A “Mind Machine” ( AVS – Audio-Visual-Stimulation ) uses light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to stimulate the brain wave activity of the user. This is done in order to reach beneficial states of consciousness.

These powerful tools can help you relax quickly as well as reach trance states for a variety of experiences, aid in lucid dreaming or bring your meditation practices to a whole new level!

Mind Machine Colours from Audiostrobe

Behind your closed eyelids you will see a complex kaleidoscope of color, multidimensional layers of fractals and a variety of dream-like imagery.

Below you will find two movies for testing if your device is AudioStrobe compatible in “normal” and “complementary” mode:

Play the movies in highest quality 1080 HD only!
You may also download our AudioStrobe Compatibility Test Tracks.

Here is a list of selected AudioStrobe® compatible devices which work well with all the mp3s offered in this online shop:

  • Mind Enhancer
  • MicroBeatMini (mBm)
  • AudioStrobe Synergizer
  • AudioStrobe Decoder
  • Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver 1.0 & 2.0
  • Deepak Chopra Dream Master
  • Kasina
  • Proteus
  • Procyon
  • Orion / Sirius
  • Nova Pro 100

Our Mind Machine products