MuSES® incorporates State of the Art Technology for learning, mental training, art experience and entertainment. Advanced Technology and our knowledge of the psychophysiology focuses in MuSES® into one synergetic product:

  • Multi-channel “Micro- vibrations”
    Instead of applying pressure as in conventional massage chairs we can tune the system so fine that you have the feeling of the micro- vibrations inside of your body moving, rotating. It is totally synchronized with sound and visual experience.
  • Spherical surround sound with 8 speakers
    It creates fantastic clean and 3-D surround sound: front, rear, top and down stereophonic feeling.

You can combine Muses® with other systems:

  • Audio-Visual Stimulation
    our best multi color/ channel AudioStrobe® Technology for creating,  learning friendly mind states. You can use MuSES® with mBm AudioStrobe® Decoder, Mind-Enhancer AudioStrobe® Decoder or Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver!
  • Biofeedback or how we call it “psychointeractivity
    for monitoring and real- time evaluation of mental states and in the future for driving the MuSES® programs.
  • Group/Network psychointeractivity
    This is the 21st century technology for network group educational programs, training and entertainment. Works with VERIM ProNET.

Areas of implementation

  • Relaxation and Attention Training at home or in office
  • Mind & Body SPA centers
  • Hotels
  • Relaxation/Chillout Lounges
  • Light & Sound Therapy
  • Telecoaching



Muses Graph from Audiostrobe

Our first tests have shown extraordinary results in relaxation – they are far more greater than all we have measured before – relaxation of more than 440% measured by the increase of the skin resistance in 15 minutes with open eyes!

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