AudioStrobe Newsletter 13th September 2016

 13 September 2106

What’s new in short:

I have already promised to release a sequel to “Brain Scan”  many years ago.
Some of you may still remember from the past newsletters that I started with “Ultra Activation: Part A” and then I  worked on “FOCUS-IMA”.
I have continued with “Thai Cow Frog  Meditation”, and I have finalized with  “Natural Clear Creativity”.

And here it is: “Brain Scan II”.

You can find samples and more detailed information here.



There are 3 modules left of the VERIM Webinar in September.
On a general request from the participants we have rescheduled the webinar modules from Friday to Wednesday.
You can still sign up to “Resource Room”, “Intelligence Room” and “Network Room” webinar modules in September.

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