“Brain Scan II” by Tamas Lab.


“Brain Scan II” by Tamas Lab.

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 73 min 48 sec

4 new programs: Alpha, Alpha/Theta, Theta and Beta, resulting from the many years experience of Tamas Lab. in audiovisual stimulation. It is a  sequel to “Brain Scan”.
Very effective 3-D sounds and light structures.

  1. “Alpha – FOKUS-IMA”  –  13 min 59 sec
  2.  “Alpha/Theta – Natural Clear Creativity”  – 28 min
  3. “Theta – Thai Cowfrog Deep Meditation”   –  20 min
  4. “Beta – Ultra Activation: Part A”  –  11 min 49 sec

“Brain Scan II” by Tamas Lab.
© Andamon 2016

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 73 min 48 sec

Track samples and descriptions:

Track 1 “Alpha – FOKUS-IMA”:

Some believe that 528 Hz frequency has a regenerative influence on human DNA.
Some call it “Miracle”, “Love” and “Transformation” tone. There is no scientific proof so far that this specific frequency has such influence.

The track is designed for “Deep Focus inside your Universe” – it is a short contemplation about inner transformation and letting go.

But let us Andamon tell the story of this unique track:

Some time ago I was asked by a Tokyo publisher to produce 528 Hz based composition for “Binary for Fukushima”. I have dig through my sound recordings library and fractal based sound to produce my contribution. Sure, not a light piece, but moving to a reflection...

First I did not like the idea of 528 Hz as a miracle tone but then I said to myself - If Fukushima victims find some peace of mind by believing in this DNA regenerative frequency, let it be so, why not? The DNA is most effected after the nuclear accident.

I have never imagined that a few years later I would visit Fukushima as a "witness" and what I have seen there has changed my perception of life. I call it a Genocide in Slow Motion!

It is a story of the survival - after Hiroshima and Nagasaki - which were bombed by the US military without explicit permission of the president Truman.
What about the children passing their defected DNA to the next generations? For what? Japan was without nuclear power for several years since nuclear accident in Fukushima. No blackouts. But they are restarting some of the NPP again - even when the majority of the population is against it. And it was not the tsunami, but human errors that led to the catastrophe.

And it was a "Miracle" that has saved 50 million people from evacuation - this I have learned directly from ex-prime minister Naoto Kan.

This short film was produced in Tamas Lab.’s studios.
The main motive is Kira Kira Hikaru – a Japanese version of “Twincle, Twinkle…”
You can read more in the newsletter from 7th September 2011.

Track 2 “Alpha/Theta – Natural Clear Creativity”:

This program is designed to enhance your creativity. Dive into a word of natural sounds and come back refreshed and “re-created”. After this session the world around you will look much clearer as your mind will.

Track 3 “Theta – Thai Cowfrog Deep Meditation”:

This is indeed a deep meditation program. It begins with listening to cow-frogs recorded in Thailand, in Mantak Chia’s “Tao Garten”. Slowly, the perception changes – you are invited to a magical concert of the frogs expressing unity, joy and life’s harmony.

Track 4 “Beta – Ultra Activation: Part A”:

Ultra Activation is a short program designed for instant regeneration and activation of your nervous system. It is much better than a coffee break!


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