The MuSES® Pro version is designed for optimal playback of the MuSES® PC stimulation programs. It consists of the controlling unit connected to main amplifier, 8 audio speakers and 8 vibration speakers build in stylish armchair.
General information on MuSES



  • Comfortable seat with electric adjustment
  • 8 vibra- transducers
  • 8 external speakers in 4 stylish columns
  • Amplifier: 16 channels – 8 for the vibrations and 8 for audio signal –
  • Control unit – a PC with 10 MuSES® Programs

everything is installed and ready to run

Requirements for MuSES® : 2.5 m x 2.5 m space
power supply (220 V 50 Hz)


All details and prices may be subject to change without notice
Delivery 3 – 6 weeks depending on the specials in the model
In case of any questions or willingness to make a special order,
contact us

Warning: Epileptics and people using cardiac devices should not use this system due to light, sound and magnetic field intensity changes.



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