“Compassion” by Peter Smith


“Compassion” by Peter Smith

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 67 min 50 sec

Compassion starts with Whaling, an homage to those lovely beings in the oceans, who are still singing their moving songs – the whales.
The CD continues with Rebirth – very relaxing sounds of (among others) choir, flute and a little bird: a wren.
The next song, Grace, is rather different, starting with intriguing synth-sounds and some rhythm, with nice melodies following.
In Compassion you will find a lot of different atmospheres, with overtones, mouth-harp and choir, some rhythm, thunderstorm and rain, and a beautiful theme at the end.
Peace starts full of expectation, fulfilled by the calming sounds of flowing water, nice arpeggios and a peaceful melody; a feminine calling is answered by uplifting themes.
In the last song, Reunion, there are several powerful parts as well as softer ones, with appealing sounds from nature: melting ice, dolphins, gulls.

For me, the CD as a whole expresses our hope and sincere belief that feeling compassion – for ourselves, our fellow-man, our other fellow-creatures and our planet as a whole – soon will replace our deep-rooted habit of thinking of profit.”

Peter Smith

  1. “Whaling” –  14 min 48 sec
  2. “Rebirth” –  7 min 49 sec
  3. ”Grace” – 5 min 54 sec
  4. ”Compassion” – 15 min 5 sec
  5. ”Peace” – 10 min 58 sec
  6. ”Reunion” – 13 min 13 sec

“Compassion” by Peter Smith

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 67 min 50 sec

Short samples of the tracks:


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