“Prime Canyon 3697” by Tamas Lab.

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“Prime Canyon 3697” by Tamas Lab.

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 60 min 23 sec

2 extraordinary AudioStrobe programs:

  1. “Prime Canyon 3697 Part 1: Delta_Activation”  –  22 min 41 sec
  2.  “Prime Canyon 3697 Part 2: Deep Theta Creativity”  – 47 min 42 sec

“Prime Canyon 3679” by Tamas Lab.
© Andamon 2016

Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Length: 60 min 23 sec

Track samples and description:

Track 1 “Prime Canyon 3697 Part 1: Deep Delta Activation”:

The title of the first program – “Deep Delta Activation” – may seen confusing at a first glance. Delta is a very low frequency pattern, usually found in a deep sleep. For many years it was believed we have no dreams in this sleep phase but recent research has shown that on contrary, you can even go lucid in Delta. The program stimulates in low audio frequencies and the lights activate in Alpha/Beta and relax in Theta.
You can use it as a short “fast sleep” regeneration.

Track 2 “Prime Canyon 3697 Part 2: Deep Theta Creativity” :

The second program – “Deep Theta Creativity” is one of the longer ones – over 45 minutes -, enhancing creativity in a deep meditative state, from high Alpha to low Theta with the lights expanding the soundscapes.
You can use it for reaching your deep inner resources of creativity, meditation and for extraordinary trance experiences.

Read more on the “brain wave frequencies” in the Theory of AudioStrobe.

In own words from Andamon: "I was playing around with prime numbers as they are ideal for generating unique sound sequences, since they have no other divisors as themselves and 1.
I have listen to these music patterns which touched deeper layers of my being. Something you can not describe with words anymore - flying over landscapes, canyons into endless space, universe or even multiverse and at the same time a feeling of unity, entanglement. I decided to follow this path and tried to fine tune the algorithms and the arrangements. I have spent late hours in the studio, running several computer workstations at the same time. Listening, selecting sounds, arranging the composition, swapping the gigabyte files over the network, listening again. I also started to search for connections of prime numbers in different fields of science. They are everywhere, starting from mathematics to the String Theory. I am going to do more research on this connections and perhaps create more such "bridges between science and art" expanding our minds."



Next album in these series is “Prime Space“.

1 review for “Prime Canyon 3697” by Tamas Lab.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hans Peter

    I have collected almost all Tamas Lab.’s albums and I am very astonished how it relates to the works of 80-ties with a modern touch.
    The second program has helped me to solve a private issue – the solution has just “appeared” in my mind almost at the end of the track.
    I hope you will bring more of that fantastic journeys!

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