Part 2 VERIM Webinar: “Resource Room” on 16th November 2016


In this VERIM webinar you will learn besides the classical relaxation and concentration methods how to use modern neuro-techniques.

In  part 2 of the VERIM webinar we will focus on the modules in the  Resource Room“.

If you do not have VERIM but you have (next) Mind-Reflection or ThoughStream USB you will be provided with free software for the time of the webinar (download coupon and one day  activation key).

For VERIM trainers and users and those who consider acquiring VERIM.

Start at 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm M.E.T.

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On which learning goals you will focus in the modules in the Resource Room?


Patience  – To be patient means:

  • To be better in handling with unexpected situations
  • To react on external demands and difficulties with a good feeling and inner balance
  • To meet problems with patience
  • To develop a general patience in everyday life
  • Simply having less stress and more pleasure in life

Frustration tolerance – increasing it means:

  • To accept contradictions and to react in a constructive way to them.
  • Learning to handle with loss and defeats
  • To admit own mistakes as a part of a learning process.
  • To avoid aggressive reactions

Concentration and good Response Time – To remain a long time in the Focus and to be able to react very fast.

You can use it everyday situations like car driving, at work, sports, dance & martial arts, playing cards etc…

Having the ability of focusing on a task while remaining aware of the surrounding environment and having very fast reaction time is life saving. (Avoiding car accident, pooling a child drowning in a pool….)

The Flow – is a an optimal state of the mind for a specific task.
Often it is the ability to stay in focus although the situation activates you very much.
This is the state you know you are creative, give a good presentation, give the best dance performance or solve equations – just your mind and body are perfectly working together and you are focused on the task,  the things flow without unnecessary effort and you are “here & now”.

„Mind Tuning“ or Self-regulation – mastering it will help you:

  • To react to external stress factors not by rigid reaction patterns but to be able to act consciously in a self defined way – not to react, but to act –
  • To investigate own feelings and to name them
  • To recognize internal “programming”
  • To visualize oneself in upcoming situations and to prepare oneself for them

Read more in the Resource Room.

In this webinar you will be supported by

Andrzej Andamon Slawinski

Andamon is co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems and a multimedia producer specialized in psychointeractive systems for sports, HR and education. His background is theater, music, psychology, biophysics (worked for Prof. Fritz Albert Popp in biophoton research) and mathematics.

Andamon is the inventor of AudioStrobe technology and co-founder of VERIM (Virtual,- Energy,- Resourses,- and Intelligence Management), producing over 100 AVS (audio-visual-stimulation) programs including productions for Deepak Chopra.  Besides seminars and workshops he also works on theater and multimedia performances.

In 2006 he was granted an European patent for group psychointeractivity and has applied for another patent in biofeedback based multi sensory stimulation MuSES (Multi-Sensory-Enhacement-System). Andamon runs Tamas Lab. studios in Poland and is a shareholder of Audiostrobe Ltd in UK.

“I have dedicated my work to human development, using wisdom of old traditions, science & multimedia to create state of the art technology.”


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