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"Innovaciones Software y Servicios is a company pioneer in the distribution of technological solutions in the fields of education, rehabilitation, training, and research throughout Latin America. With the support of an international network of specialists in different branches of neuroscience, psychology, speech Pathology, among others, Innovaciones Software y Servicios has searched and tested some of the most innovative and reliable technological instruments in order to satisfy our demanding clients while promoting the highest quality standards in the region.
Indeed, we have been distributing VERIM and Mental Games nearly a decade ago with over 95% satisfaction among prominent clients, such as: The Colombian Air Force (FAC), Brain Braidot Decision Centre (Argentina and Spain), psychology faculties in recognized Colombian universities (Universidad de San Buenaventura de Medellin, Universidad Sur Colombiana, Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina...), Sinergia y Salud (psychotherapy and Neuropsychology:, Dr. Jorge Ferrari (sports psychologist working for the Society of Uruguayan Sports Psychology). “I have found subtle, yet profound, connection between Skin Conductance and emotion, perception, cognitive performance, culture, personality, and learning. Certainly, VERIM has the potential of expanding the horizons on many fields.” "
Javier Cano Ocampo, Scientific Director. Application Area: Promotion of technological applications in neuroscience and psychophysiology in the Spanish speaking world Website:

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