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In 2006 A. Slawinski and Dr. W. Kloeckner, founders of VERIM were granted an European Patent mainly for group psychointeractivity.
"Indeed, we have been distributing VERIM and Mental Games nearly a decade ago with over 95% satisfaction among prominent clients, such as: The Colombian Air Force (FAC), Brain Braidot Decision Centre (Argentina and Spain), psychology faculties in recognized Colombian universities..." Javier Cano Ocampo, Scientific Director.
"VERIM is persuasive in terms of conception, didactic, as well as technique. It is really unbelievable that different energy management processes can be surveyed at the monitor. The networking application modules are used for social competence training." Erich Hanselmann, Chief of Trainer Education at Swiss Olympic
"We do believe that thanks to your software, it will once again be possible to give joy of learning to adults, and encourage them to have self-reflection on themselves. VERIM makes it possible to reach a consciousness level unavailable by traditional methods." D. Stützer, personal trainer.
"It is a brilliant training-system which I have been using in sports and industries with very good results. The result (of the training with VERIM) are people who more accomplish with less energy drain." Danish Badminton Federation, Flemming Wiberg, Sports Director
"Mental Games is one of the most exciting developments for cue sports training in the world. Never before has something so simple and so powerful beem available to teach any player the invisible, or mental, part of the game in a physical and visible way." Nic Barrow, Chairman, The Snooker Gym, World Snooker Association Coach and UAE National Snooker Coach
Mental Games receives special prize MFG / MILIA 2002 and was appointed to be presented at MILIA 2002 in Cannes.

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