AudioStrobe Encoding Service


per studio hour

Our experience in AudioStrobe encoding is from the beginning of the system: 25 years of research and application. Over 100 AudioStrobe encoded productions. Probably no one has more knowledge and experience in AVS encoding.

The encoding process at AudioStrobe is not a simple table entrainment program, it takes into account the music, spoken text, the idea behind the program etc. – it is an artistic process within hard science giving a “flow” and a new dimension to your production.

Our encoding services have been used all over the world, from companies to prominent  people like Deepak Chopra.
Sometimes a simple encoding will take 2-3 hours per 1h audio material, sometimes when very intensive like for Deepak Chopra 30 hours.

Depending on your needs and budget – we are adjusting the encoding process.
Please contact us for more details.

Private users: if you want to have your favorite music AudioStrobe encoded we will need an audio file of the composition to estimate the encoding time needed.

Musicians: If you are a musician and would like to join our AudioStrobe label, please first send us a description with a link to your music samples via contact us form.

Therapist & Trainers: We offer encoding service for special therapy applications.
The encoding fee is per studio hour and then a yearly subscription for the AudioStrobe Professional Member.

Commercial uses:

  • one time encoding per studio hour fee applies
  • plus micro royalty fee for the copyright of the AVS program/composition per sold CD/MP3

audio file requirements for non commercial encoding:

WAV (16 bit preferred)

MP3 320 kbs


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