Mental Games with “ThoughtStream USB” GSR to USB Interface


Psychointeractive computer training programs for you
and your family!

Detailed information about Mental-Games.


  • ThoughtStream USB: GSR to USB Interface
  • USB card with Mental Games Software  and monitoring software
  • Theory module
  • 14 day training module
  • Activation key
  • PDF Manuals

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System requirements for Mental Games:

  • Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10
  • PC Pentium >1.0 GHz / >0.5  GB RAM (works with most Window tablets and netbooks)
  • min. 100 MB free space on the hard-disk
  • sound card
  • USB Port
  • monitor / screen resolution min. 800 x 600 pixel

Psychointeractive computer training programs for you
and your family!


Mental Games includes a series of biofeedback- enabled training programs, specially designed to help you achieve the following goals.

  • Quickly shift from relaxed to highly focused states of mind/body integration and back again.
  • “Fine-tune” your ability to pay close attention.
  • Stay calm in difficult/stressful situations.
  • Achieve sustained states of mental clarity.

The training modules of “Mental Games” ‘sense’ how focused or relaxed you are and will vary their response according to your internal state. By using this combination of multimedia technology and biofeedback, you enter a new dimension of self-mastery.

You may soon notice that you are more relaxed in your everyday life, being present and focused without “burning out.”

You will learn different strategies of interaction – your own strategies – preserving and developing your valuable inner resources.

The Mental Games multimedia software analyzes the tiny changes in your skin resistance values (GSR)* sent by the “Mind-Reflection” biofeedback system to your personal computer.

The mind-reflection and Mental Games Set is ready. Mind – Reflection is a plug and play (no extra drivers needed!) GSR to USB Interface, specially designed to work with Mental Games and VERIM software. mind-reflection has more accuracy as the ThoughtStream but no build in stand alone function.


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